A mobius strip is a cool geometric phenomena, first discovered by a German mathematician, August Ferdinand Möbius. It is a two-dimensional structure with only one side. This means that like a ring, which has no beginning or end, a mobius strip has no "inside" or "outside", but has only one, continuous "side".

A mobius strip is a representation of eternity, because it is endless and on going.

The ring is handmade from one continuous ribbon of luxurious 18k palladium white gold. The narrow band is the perfect width for a women's wedding band. Finished with a matte finish on wide side, and lustrous high shine on the edges to accentuate the twist.

+ ring dimensions
2 mm wide
18k palladium white gold
+ twist is smoothed on the interior of the ring to fit comfortably on the finger
+ ring size - select from drop down menu

Packaged in a protective pouch and gift box tied with a ribbon making it perfect for gift giving.

18K PALLADIUM WHITE GOLD is an alloy of 18K white gold that is nickel free. The palladium provides a beautiful gray-white hue to the white gold. 18k gold is 75% yellow gold blended with an alloy (other metal(s)).  At CHRISTINA KOBER designs our white gold rings are not plated to provide the bright white color of commercially made rings. You may choose to have your ring plated for an additional charge.

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