Our newest take on our best-selling cuff, the Grand Inspiracelet Cuff makes a statement yet still feels delicate & feminine.

This cuff is twice the width of our narrow inspiracelet cuff. Each letter is individually stamped by hand, making each cuff one of a kind. The message is left justified atop the wrist on a hand formed bracelet. We love stacking our grand inspiracelet cuff with a diamond dusted bangle or two.

+ grand cuff measures 1/4" (6.4mm) wide
+ handmade in our Nashville, TN studio

availability ships in 3 - 5 business days

Measure your wrist by wrapping either a measuring tape or string around your wrist. Each cuff has a slight bit of give to allow you to bend it to fit your wrist.
small fits wrists between 5.25" - 5.75"
medium fits wrists between 5.75" - 6.25" (fits most women)
large fits wrists between 6.25" - 6.75"

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