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This year January 1st was a Monday, the ultimate “fresh start.” A new week, a new year, a new me. Every year I would build up elaborate goals with no plan except I was going to transform and be a new and better me. However, as I have gotten older I feel as though this automatically sets me up for failure. For every new beginning or fresh start to be successful, I expect my transformation must be smooth – no mistakes, perfect. But the moment there is a waiver or an unexpected life event that prevents me to stay on course… BAM I feel I failed.

I’m not saying it’s impossible to make changes, and I’m not saying you shouldn’t make resolutions. I still desire to make those life altering changes. Approaching my goals from a different angle, a place with flexibility, knowing that life has surprises that you can’t expect on January 1. It takes work, it takes a plan, it takes baby steps, and it takes understanding there will be mistakes and there will be adjustments to be made.

With this in mind last year, instead of choosing a resolution, I chose a word. I started with the resolutions, the changes, the goals I desired to make, and thought about what connected them – what hovered above these goals – ultimately what word could inspire me to change my perspective. There was no ultimate goal, just a single word that reminded me of where I want to go. This word left room for me to make mistakes and falter – to adjust course when life threw me a curve ball. I never failed, I never felt defeated. I did learn and change in ways I never expected because I had no idea life was going to take me in that direction.

My word in 2017 was
INTENTIONAL. I chose this word for a few reasons – one being I feel many times I make decisions quickly only thinking out the short outcome, not realizing how much those decisions can affect my long-term goals.


Secondly, many times our decisions are made without much reason. For instance, “I did this because I always have.” I wanted to really shake it up and look at my why and my intention. It was very eye opening.

One of my biggest realizations last year was this feeling of always being busy and an overall desire to need to be busy. 

A side effect of being busy all the time is stress and anxiety. I take on too much with in my business – a little secret : I work ALL THE TIME. I’m missing out on life – which adds to my stress, because if I’m not working, I’m anxious about work. And when I do take a day off or steal away for a work out, I instantly feel selfish or unable to “turn off.”

Which brings me to my first word for 2018, SIMPLIFY.

  • Clear out the busy work, ask the questions : What is its purpose? Is it necessary? If it isn’t necessary, then stop. If it is necessary, should I be doing it? Or can I have an employee help?
  • Destress. While I’m clearing out the clutter, clearing out the busy work – I want to streamline my work so I can enjoy life.

Destressing is going to take more than simplifying. I can’t merely cut out all the work that makes me anxious or stressed, things still need to be done. I need to learn how to work smarter.

When I started Christina Kober Designs, I was a one woman show and grew to have one assistant, then two. I now have six employees. While this shift doesn’t sound like much, it’s huge. I am still so used to doing things myself, learning how to successfully communicate to my team what I expect has been really hard for me. But to destress and work smarter, I need to do this, and figure out how.

In the past, I took to the “if you want it done right, do it yourself” frame of mind. Which is a terrible attitude, it’s setting up the team for failure, I’m not even giving them a chance. And this connects back to my word from 2017 – intentional. What was my intention? Why am I doing this? Because it wasn’t connecting to my goal of having a strong, empowered team – not a team that feels defeated and doubted. It became clear communication is key.

This word, COMMUNICATION, would be my second word for 2018

  • Share the reasons why I make decisions with my team, I started this a little bit in 2017 and was shocked at how well my team responded.
  • Build out the tools to communicate how to complete tasks, so my team has a foundation to be successful.
  • Share with you – our followers, customers, and friends – who we are, our stories, and learn your stories.

I look forward to sharing more with you in 2018!

Do you make resolutions or choose a word for the year? If so, I’d love to hear it! Share your story in the comments below