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diamond dusted columns.

4 different sizes, 4 different metals, and infinite ways to style them. These might be my new favorite piece [but if I'm being honest I say that about everything- can you really blame me?] The versatility of these earrings is definitely a huge plus in my book but I also love how each size and metal says something different and really compliments whatever personality and look you're feeling for the day. 

Today I am taking a little time to talk about my favorite way to style each size but there is nothing I love more than seeing how you guys style your CKD jewelry. What is your favorite earring and how do you style it? Drop me a line here and tell me and don't forget to use the hashtag #ckdstyle on social media.


These guys are just the cutest ever. Second (or third or fourth) holes need some sparkly love too! These little ones measure at just 1/4" and give just a hint of a sparkle. So whether you have multiple earring holes that need a little extra something, you don't like a ton of sparkle, or you like to keep it simple and easy, these guys are perfect for you!

Since the mini diamond dusted columns add just a touch of sparkle they are perfect to pair with any other diamond dusted studs or any CKD bracelet or necklace without competing for too much attention

If you're feeling extra sassy- mix and match the metals! I am loving rose gold and silver [can you say cool girl holiday style?!] which is so unexpected but feels oh-so-romantic.


Honestly, these earrings just made my "wear-everyday" earring decision a little harder. A little longer than the mini's at 5/8" the diamond dusted short columns can be worn everyday without hesitation. Does "wear with everything" count as styling advice? Because that's my suggestion is for these earrings! 

The short's do have more sparkle than their mini sisters do, so I would suggest keeping it simple and pairing them with one of our inspired necklaces or cool collars. The mini bar is our best selling necklace so you really can't go wrong wearing them together. The similar shapes also compliment each other without looking too much like a set.

2 earrings of the same size feeling too matchy for you? Take a note from the inspired secret studs and wear a mini and a short together. Plus- when you get both the mini's and the short's you'll get to create a few different looks wearing them together or separate! *pro tip- get each the mini's in one metal and the short's in a different metal to mix it up even more!


This size is great for the low-maintenance girl that still wants to make a statement. A little bit of a dangle with a pop of sparkle. I love the medium size for a night out or whenever you feel like standing out just a little more! This earring is 1" long so while you can still get away with wearing it during the day, these are the perfect subtle sparkle for the evening.

I would recommend keeping your other jewelry pretty simple. The medium column diamond dusted earrings carry some sparkle so why not let them take the spotlight?!  If you are pairing with other jewelry I suggest the diamond dusted slice collar (bonus you can wear it TWO ways) worn with the opening to the back so you just have the thick shiny metal as opposed to more sparkle. Or go super subtle with the linked bangle which is also a shiny metal instead of adding more sparkle to your look.


Sparkle, sparkle, sparkle. The diamond dusted long earrings are not for the wallflower, so be prepared to stand out and field compliments on these earrings all night. Measuring at 2" long these are the perfect evening earring, statement piece, or special occasion earring.

I think these earrings look so good worn on their own. I would pair these with big voluminous hair with lots of waves for a boho chic look or stick straight hair for a polished and effortlessly glam look. If you're dying to add some extra accessories, go for a wrist full of bangles like our model Gracie and stick to one metal to keep the look from looking too messy.