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This word brings out so many emotions in all of us. Pain, fear, loss, sadness, strength, fight, I could go on. Unfortunately, most of our lives have been touched by this terrible disease in some way. Lymphoma is a form of cancer that has touched my life so unexpectedly and so deeply.

About 8 years ago, a dear family friend & coworker was diagnosed with a form of Lymphoma – it came out of nowhere like a freight train, shocking us all. Immediately, she left work and began aggressively battling for her life. After a year of intense radiation and chemotherapy, she passed in her home. It was so devastating, I still remember getting the call that she had passed away and wishing there was some way cancer could disappear off this earth.

In 2016, Lymphoma struck again. A close friend from Atlanta whom also went to Clemson with me, was diagnosed with Lymphoma. The biggest shock to us all, he was diagnosed in his mid-thirties. The day after his diagnosis he began aggressively fighting. A roller coaster of treatments, hospital stays, a bone marrow transplant, infections, and other complications – things I could never even imagine. While his story ends happy today, with complete remission, he is still continuing to go in for treatments to build up his immune system.

This is only a small glimpse into the lives of two people and their families whose lives have been turned upside down by Lymphoma, there are so many others fighting Lymphoma & Leukemia. 

Now that you understand a little more about why I am so passionate about donation and contributing to cancer research go ahead and treat yourself and don't feel bad about it because with your purchase you are helping contribute to finding a cure!