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We have been celebrating our birthday so what better time to celebrate  yours! While we may have gone overboard [ let's be honest, not really] celebrating turning 10 all year long, we think you deserve to celebrate your birthday for a whole month! We also think you're just the coolest and as a thank you for following along on our 10 year journey we want to give you a chance to get the inside scoop at Christina Kober Designs. 

How do I get involved with this magic you might ask?  Become a CKD insider! Today I am giving you the 4-1-1 on becoming an insider which will get you updates to sales & new styles before anyone else as well as tips & tricks on how to best style your jewelry. Pretty great right? I've made it super simple for you too- just follow along on the infographics below and before you know it you will be celebrating in style too!