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My favorite part of owning a business that creates inspirational jewelry is hearing the stories and meanings behind why people choose the messages they do. From the funny { I once hand stamped the message "This mom is turnt" onto a ring } to the sentimental, I know there is always a story and more often than not I find myself wanting to know more.

That is why I am starting a new campaign to actively engage everyone who has been so supportive over the past  ten (yes, I said ten which is so surreal to me) years.  I want to hear your stories, experiences, and inspirations because you are who I have in mind whenever I create new pieces. I am so inspired by you and now I want to share those experiences with everyone else who knows and loves Christina Kober Designs.

Send an email to and tell me your favorite messages and why they're so meaningful. If you don't want it shared on our blog or in our emails let me know - I still love hearing your story and appreciate anything you want to share with me!

To kick off the campaign I want to share with you my story and one of my favorite pieces I wear everyday- the Inspiracelet Cuff with the phrase "Be Brave"