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post no. 170223

First post of 2017 [ yay! ] 

In a perfect world this would have happened sooner [ like within the first week / or even first month] of the new year. But life happens and we really hit the ground running Jan. 1 and are now just catching our breath.  The CKD team has been turning out wholesale & retail orders non-stop and we debuted our brand for the first time at the Atlanta Gift show in January. It felt like we were back in the studio for half a minute and we were off to NYC for my 6th [I can barely believe it!] NY Now tradeshow. It's been a whirlwind  to say the least but I am so happy with the first 2 months of the new year and excited to see what else 2017 has in store for Christina Kober Designs!  

I have so many fun new designs in the works I can't wait to show you! I feel like 2017 is definitely going to be the year of "treat yourself!" 

Starting with the sweetest little every-day necklace! The mini medallion is part of my inspired collection (which was a total favorite in Atlanta!) and features one word messages (or a short little saying if you are customizing). The design is so simple which fits right into my motto- simply thoughtful jewelry- which I fully intend on embracing even more this year. 

So who is the girl wearing the mini medallion? She is sweet, kind & classy but not afraid to do something a little off the beaten path every once in a while. Just when you might think you have her figured out she'll surprise you- in the best way possible. 

Shop our in-stock core words HERE or get creative & create your own HERE!

This piece is so fun and unique that you don't need to think twice about wearing it

every day!

Always hand-stamped letter by letter. Always made by hand just for you!


ps. you can always keep up with us and enjoy our cheeky #ckdwisdom on instagram @christinakober