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post no. 161109

Tag you're it!

Do you have a go-to piece of jewelry you wear everyday? You know what I'm talking about...the necklace that just happens to go with every style outfit no matter the occasion or fanciness level? 

For me it is definitely the inspired tag necklace. I wear the mini tag necklace with the phrase  i am enough -which is a great reminder to keep with you everyday! 

The inspired mini and large tag necklace is a more feminine, sweet take on the traditional dog tag. These necklaces are a unique take on the traditional necklace as well as a super special way to carry with you your dearest expressions, life mantra, or layer your littlest loved ones names. 

Wear them long and layered, with multiple tags, or by itself, the mini & large tag necklaces are one of my favorite, wear every day pieces!