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post no. 160930

happy fri-Yay

Raise your hand if you're excited for the weekend-I know we are! You made it through another week and that is something to get excited about! What a better way to celebrate the weekend than treating yourself to one of our THREE new styles we just added to our signature  diamond dusted collection.

No breaks for the CKD team this weekend- we're kicking it into high gear here in the studio and packing up for a weekend excursion. We're pretty excited to be heading to Hoover, Alabama for the Bluff Park Art Show where we're definitely going to have all of our diamond dusted beauties (and more!) for you to shop. 

Fun fact: Hoover, AL is home to the 5th largest golf course in the world. Personally, I think heading over to see me in booth S4 at the art show would be more fun but if you can't make it you can still shop the links below and get yourself a little diamond dusted treat (because why not?).

   Narrow Ring  *  bangle *   Oval Ring

Narrow RingOval Ring

Ear Climber

shop all new styles here