The jewelry Christina designs is a perfect balance of understated elegance and playfully whimsy. It can be worn everyday but is also the perfect accent for the big moments of your life.

Each piece of jewelry Christina designs begins as a reflection of her. Whether it begins with a story or a significant moment from her life, you have your own stories and emotions that will connect you to a piece of jewelry, making it your own.

Each piece of jewelry is made from start to finish by Christina and her team. Christina works hard to create well-designed, quality pieces.


Christina Kober Designs began as a hobby, essentially to help Christina learn about her father's business. Her father owns JFF Jeweler Supply, a jeweler supply store in Atlanta, Georgia.  Christina began working for him when she was 14, she knew nothing about the field; it was just a summer and holiday job to fill her closet with clothes... little did she know it would turn into her passion.

After graduating college, Christina continued working at JFF. She found that she was curious about the process of making jewelry and decided to begin taking classes. She was like a sponge, asking customers and coworkers questions, reading books and experimenting at home. Soon, she found herself recommending what tools to buy and providing her own insights into crafting and fabricating jewelry.

In 2007 armed with a few designs and some business cards, Christina opened her etsy shop and started exhibiting at Art Festivals. She quickly found a connection to her customers through her fortune cookie collection & inspiring messages. After being featured by a prominent blogger, followed by immense (& unexpected) social media attention in 2011, Christina Kober Designs grew exponentially and began partnering with retailers around the nation. 

Today, Christina Kober Designs employs 6 talented women, is found in 80 retail locations worldwide (including Anthropologie in Spring of 2016) and continues to exhibit at art festivals & on her etsy shop where it all started.


Christina currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee with her husband & their two cats. She enjoys pilates, well crafted puns, instagram, wine & shopping.